Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stu Co

Hannah decided to run for student council this year. Things have changed since my day. Only 8th grade students can run for president & then anybody can run for VP, secretary, or treasure. Each grade elects a boy/girl representative. She decided to run for representative.

I was catching up on Facebook late Sunday night & read that campaign week was this week. Well crap. At least the poster boards were bought.

So yesterday was a poster making frenzy. Sweat was dripping. Wheels in my brain were spinning. Frenzy. I wanted to get them done for Hannah to hang them after school. And of course she would have helped but we didn't have time :)

We were going to take a current picture of Hannah but again, no time. I dug one out of pictures waiting to be scrapbooked. It worked out just fine.

Found this idea on the Internet. The "dots" are rhinestones. This one is my favorite.

She had to write an essay which will be graded & she gets a certain number of votes based on how well it was written. She also gives a speech on Thursday getting more votes if criteria is met. Then students vote on Friday.

We are going to make up something for her to pass out Friday morning. I thought about getting smarties, taping them on something & put "be a smartie! Vote for Hannah.......". My sister in law suggested getting mints & say "be a mint. Vote for Hannah.......".

Wish her luck. I know she will appreciate it. I'll keep you posted :)

In other news, I'm hosting a giveaway for digital scrapbook software. Check out the post below for more details.

Until next time ~ Stacy

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