Monday, August 8, 2011

Random (testing blogpress)

I finally uploaded blogpress for my iPhone so I wanted to test it out. Hopefully this will work because it will be great to be able to update from my phone. So now, random pictures :)

Pictures from Shae's graduation:


Zack looking very dapper.

Brandice and Martha, so pretty.

Becky and Brent (and Larry behind Becky's head).

MeMe and PaPa

Colton was there but he is a butt about me taking pictures of him.

Our great nephew Aiden's birthday party:

A yo gabba gabba party. That cake was a group effort and turned out really cute.

Aiden playing in the balls. His favorite thing was to throw the balls out :)

I have more pictures but I'll save them for another post.

So a little review of blogpress. Uploading pictures is the only thing I did (no linking, bolding words etc) and it was really fast. My thumbs hurt from typing from the little keyboard but that's okay. I think this app will come in handy. Now to hit the post button and hope everything shows up where it's suppose to be so wish me luck :)

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