Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby It's Foggy Outside

We have been covered in a blanket of fog. A couple of nights ago we were under a fog freeze. Have you ever heard of a fog freeze? I hadn't. Anywho, it was damp and foggy all day yesterday and finally cleared out last night by the time I left the basketball gym. This morning I looked out and this is how it looked from our back porch.......

Isn't that cool looking? It's a valley behind our house. The pond is down there too. The weather is suppose to be nice for the next couple of days then we are expecting cold again. At least it will be cold for Christmas. I hate warm Christmases. Is that the correct way to make Christmas plural? Forgive me if it isn't; I'm to lazy to go look it up and I think you get the point :)

A blogger friend is on the Wheel of Fortune tonight. I can't wait to see if she wins anything.