Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Happened?

This happened. I have worked 33 hours at the concession stand for the past 3 days. Add 20 hours for the work I did in my dreams :). I've had dreams of working in the concession stand for the past 3 nights too and I have officially hit the concession stand wall. The only drinks we had left when we locked the gate at 10:10 last night was about 12 gatorades and we could have probably sold that if we stayed opened past halftime of the last game. They were still coming up to the counter when I was locking up asking if they could grab something. Are you f****** kidding me? Sorry for the salty language but for you who has ever worked in the concession stand will understand my salty language.

Also this past week Hannah turned 9.

This week we will have 2 games and then we will be done for about 2 weeks during the Christmas break. Hannah's class party is Thursday and her teacher called me during my concession stand hell because she remembered that I would organize the party for her, oy! It will be a simple milk and cookies party.

Oh and I need to finish shopping some time. Was planning on going the beginning of the week but we have a cold front coming with possible ice. In southern OK we rarely get snow but we can always count on a good old ice storm. Hopefully it won't be to bad. It is 77 degrees out right now and I think we are going to be in the 30s tomorrow.

Sorry for my ramblings. I've been up since 6 this morning and I'm in the process of getting the laundry caught up. Wish I could take a nap instead :)


Leeza898 said...

Happy 9th Birthday Hannah! Hope you had fun on your birthday. Love the HS musical cake.

Elizabeth said...

You worked hard at that stand. I hope your daughter had a fabulous birthday.. I love that HSM cake..Gigi's was HSM too. :)