Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hannah & Horse Envy

As mentioned before Hannah needs, wants, must have a horse. The first horse she was on wasn't even a horse, it was a mule. A few years ago I took her to the riding stables. They wouldn't let her ride by herself so she had to ride with me. The saddles for 2 were on the mules. She never knew the difference, thank you very much.

Friday morning Lloyd got a call from his neighbor asking him if he could go let the colts out. Hannah & I went with him.

As we drove away she tells me, yet again, that she wants a horse. Yes honey, I know :)


Leeza898 said...

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACY!!! Yay! We're both capricorns. I have no internet connection for couple of days and just got fixed last night but unable to log in CKMB. Can read the post but cannot comment. GGGRRRR!!! So frustrating! I miss everyone there.
LOL on Hannah wanting a horse. That's quite a big present to wrap with an ongoing maintenance. My kids been begging for a dog. No courage to add another member to the family yet. :)

Good luck on getting the 365 Kit. Becky has a contest to win it (just in case you don't know which I highly I had a backup plan that will ease my dissapointment just in case I could not get it. I will go shopping at Archivers and will make my own kit (HA...way to use my gift cards from christmas). Well have a HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU and your FAMILY.


Anonymous said...