Friday, May 1, 2009


So glad we got the boys end of baseball season party in before the floods came (look on Saturday for that post).

I've found as the boys get older it is harder for me to get pictures of them. My goal was for them to lean in so I could see all of their faces. Not happening.

So what you have to do is move around until you get faces. They may not be looking at you, but at least you can see some faces.

And if all else fails,

walk around taking pictures of them when they are clearly not paying any attention to their surroundings. I think boys could make a game out of a rock and a stick.

And this is monkey girl um I mean Hannah. She loves the monkey bars and has loved them since uh forever. She was bored at first but the boys were being nice and let the siblings play wiffle ball with them.

She was very excited about it. She told us several times that she made 2 runs :)

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