Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rain and More Rain

So on Wednesday a turd floater came through. It was actually nice to get the much needed rain.

First came the winds and took out one of our outdoor ceiling fans.

I thought we could have put it back but one of the blades snapped off. Oh well.

Then came the hail.

Little hail so hopefully no major roof damage.

And then came the rain.

The rain filled the big pond.

And the little pond.

And even with this little dam Brent made to slow down the run off

part of our road didn't survive.

Thank goodness I drive a SUV and Brent drives a truck.

Oh, and this dog

hated the entire day because he was stuck in his house. He doesn't do thunderstorms.

1 comment :

Chrispea said...

My dog doesn't like the thunder either... it's raining right now and she's hiding under the coffee table.