Thursday, May 14, 2009

What A Wild Week

It has been a wild week and wanted to catch all of you up to speed. First of all, my grandmother past away yesterday. It is bittersweet. She was 90 years old and up until the beginning of January lived in her own house, knew what was going on in the world, etc. That is a pretty good run. She was ready to go and yesterday told my mom she was tired and was ready. My mom told her it was okay so my grandma closed her eyes and my mom and sister stayed with her. Mom said about an hour past and my grandma woke up and asked "I'm I still here?" :)

So back to the beginning of the week. Hannah tested for her purple belt on Monday.

In action.

She got it.

I'm really impressed with her. I usually just drop her off for class and I haven't watched her in a long time. So only 3 more belts until she can test for her black belt.

Yesterday we entered the braces world for Hannah. Colton is very lucky, his teeth are straight as a board. Hannah, not so much.



The braces make her look so much older, sigh. They are bothering her a little but not so bad she can't eat, LOL!

Hannah has only 5 more school days left after today. Colton has 3 more if he is exempt from his semester test and we are pretty sure he will be. Good job Colton.

Thanks for hanging in after the long post. We are ready for things to get back to normal.

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Lori said...

Sorry to read about your grandmother, but it sounds like she did have a really good run. Take good care of yourself. I'll check back soon.