Friday, July 31, 2009

Vacation Day Five

July 21, 2009 ~ Today we went drove over to Glenwood Springs. They had an Adventure Park with a cave and a few rides so we thought it would be fun.

We had to get on a tram to go up the mountain.

Going up the mountain. It was like pulling teeth to get pictures of Colton. I think he was threatened right before this picture was taken :)

Colton rock climbing. This was the hardest spot and he made it to the top.

This was Hannah's first time to rock climb. I knew she would be good at it because she is a monkey. She made it to the top on all of the spots but the hardest and she almost made that one. If her arms were longer I know she would've made it to the top.

Both kids on the rock. They got their money worth just climbing.

My favorite we did on this day was the cave tour. I love caves mainly because it's cold.

This particular cave had a lot of cool formations. Can you see tinkerbell?

The kids on the swing. I'm so glad they enjoy rides.

Hannah on the trampoline.

Colton on the Alpine coaster.

And they serve this for the parents to have a fun adventure too :)

Here's a slide of all of the pictures I took on this day.

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Leeza898 said...

Your kids are thrill seekers. Gorgeous pics Stacy. I love caves too. Cool rock formation pics.