Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well Hello Again!

It seems like we have been gone forever. We had a fabulous time in Colorado. Everything went swell until on the way home from the airport. We were about 50 minutes away from home when my SUV started cutting out. Got a hold of the dealership (they were about 20 minutes away) and found out they had a key drop so we just made it there before it died. I'm just glad that it happened that close to home and that we didn't take it to Colorado. I don't want to even imagine that scenario. And a big shout out to my dad for coming over and picking us up and to my mom for letting me use her car until we find out what is going on with mine.

Hannah's ear started hurting yesterday. Hope we can wait for the doctor's office on Monday and not a trip to the ER (knock on wood).

I haven't even started uploading pictures from our trip. I plan on doing that tomorrow and then post each day of our trip during the week. Well that's the plan anyway :) So I will leave you with another slide show of July 4th pictures that I got from my sister in law Becky. Thank you so much for sending me the CD and I will get it in the mail on Monday.

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