Monday, February 22, 2010

The Balloon Car Chronicles

Oy Vey!!!!! Last week Colton had a project for science. The project? Build a balloon car using Newton's Laws of Motion. Huh? The last time I even thought of Newton's Laws of Motion was when I was in school.

So the balloon car was everyone's focus, including my Dad. He stayed up until midnight Wednesday building 2 cars that didn't move an inch :) Brent made a trip to Hobby Lobby for cool supplies, made a car and it didn't move an inch :) I laughed. I got in on it Thursday and mine didn't move an inch. I cussed and threw it in the trash. Brent was stressing. He took off after lunch on Thursday and got one made.

It became known as the "uncool" car. It wasn't pretty but it went the required distance (and then some) and was pretty fast. But it wasn't quite what Brent wanted it to look like. My Dad came over after work so he and Brent could work together.

And the "cool" car was made. It didn't go as fast or far but enough to meet the requirements. Then we all joined hands dancing in a circle because the project was done. Not really but we did take my Dad out for supper for his help.

Both cars went to school on Friday "just in case". Colton raced the "cool" car but it didn't win, but it looked good.

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