Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful........

So we are getting a beautiful snow fall right now. Not anything like the Northeast and I know y'all are tired of snow but for Southeastern Oklahoma this is fun.

The schools let out early and Brent went by to pick up the kids for me. They have already been out messing up my snow :).

They lasted only 30 minutes. Wimps!

And this one got to the Dr.'s office before it got really bad this morning. He has an ear infection and got an antibiotic thank goodness.

So everybody is home safe and sound. Really wished I had some Dr. Pepper in the house but at least there is coffee. I have milk, bread and stuff in the freezer so we should be good to go for now. I'm going to make snow ice cream, yum! Wish my Mom was here to enjoy this; she loved the snow so much. Makes me miss her more than I already do!

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