Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh yeah, Thanksgiving pictures.

Just a little bit late. Oh well. Better later than never.

Hannah and Shae. Hannah wants to be Shae when she grows up :)

Colton and Shae. Colton's friends think Shae is hot :)

Brent's Dad and Grandpa Roath.

Brent's Mom Darlene. This was her first Thanksgiving in her new kitchen. It was so nice. We snuck out later that evening and visited the casino. That's a Thanksgivingny thing to do right? Right?

Niece Ally. We just caught her testing the mashed potatoes and there may have been double dipping involved.

Zack, Larry, Brent, Becky and Grandma Roath.

This was taken Friday morning. The picture window in the living room is lovely but shades are needed during the sunrise :)

So there you have it, another Thanksgiving has come and gone. On to Christmas and our 100 birthdays that is our December.

P.S. Sorry Bryan, Traci and Abby for not getting pictures of y'all.

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