Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day

Yesterday Colton came down feeling yuck and running a fever.

Isn't he pitiful looking? Dosed him up with medicine and sent him back upstairs informing him to stay away from everyone. It started icing but Madill was still opened for business. All of the schools around us was closed but not us. I got back home from taking Hannah and picking up the boys to start calling the dr.'s office. Finally got an appointment for Colton and he has tonsillitis, not strep thank you. Got a call from the schools and they were letting the kids out 1 hour early. The ice just kept getting worse and finally around 8:00 last night they finally put Madill on the tv for being closed, yea! I was glad because it gives Colton one more day at home getting antibiotics in him. If he doesn't get more than 3 absences the whole semester & he has passing grades he doesn't have to take semester tests at the end of school.

Here are a few pictures I took this morning of the icy trees.

Our goofy dog Max laying on the ice eating ice :)

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