Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Words From Kids

On Thursday Hannah went to a cheer clinic that the high school cheerleaders put on for a fundraiser. They will perform next Tuesday during halftime of the girl's basketball game. She was very excited & I really didn't get to talk to her about it because I had to work at the concession stand. So when I got home she came right up to me & she wanted to inform me what all took place at cheer clinic.

Hannah: Mom I want to tell you what happened at cheer clinic.
Me: Okay.
Hannah: Well I get to be on top of the period.
Me: The period? Do you mean the pyramid?
Hannah: Yeah the pyramid.
Me: Well I'm very excited for you.

She makes me laugh :)


Lori said...

Hi! I've been swamped! I had a lot of orders for Valentines and am just finishing up. The pictures on your blog are fun! I'm not sure what to think about ice fishing - not my cup of tea!

Chrispea said...

OH, that's too funny!!