Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wylie Coyote & Friend

It doesn't take much to get us excited here in the country. Brent was going out the backdoor this morning and said there is a coyote next to the barn. I got up and looked and sure enough there he/she was. It just stood there staring at us. Of course my camera was upstairs with the wrong lens attached but it just kept standing there so I thought I'll run up and grab the camera really fast. So I opened the blind when I got up there and it was still standing there. I'm changing out the lens and look out again and now there was 2 of them. Brent hollered at me saying there was 2 so I just took the pictures from the upstairs windows. They started running towards the pond and I finally got the picture of them on the pond dam. It was hard seeing them because they blended in so well.

This was the first one we saw.

This is his/her buddy.

Like I said, doesn't take much to excite us :)

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