Monday, January 5, 2009

That Was A First

Colton had a basketball game in Marietta today. Afterwards we went to eat. We had slim pickings to choose from but between McDonalds, Sonic or Carls Jr I pulled into Carls Jr. (Don't have one in Madill.) There was not a soul inside and I now have a inkling why. Have you ever been to a fast food joint and placed your order on a kiosk? My first words out of my mouth, loudly mind you, was "are you kidding me?". Of course Colton thought it was cool. Not one person greeted us, told us thank you for coming, NOTHING. It was a little to much "The Jetsons" for me.


Leeza898 said...

Oh yes, I encountered some gloomy looking cashiers that just stand there emotionless and look at you like they're disgusted you're there. LOL....

val-wych said...

Hi my name is Val, Iv'e just been sat browsing thru some of the other stuff on this site, and amongst some very unintersting blogs! I stumbled across yours which I found particularly entertaining!it has to be said. I have only been on this site for a few months and to be honest I dont really know what I'm doing half the time, but hey!
I am particularly lovin ur music thingy? I wonder if I could do the same on mine? I have 2 teenage children so I may book an appointment to consult them on this subject! If Im lucky they may even 'explain' to process to me as they set it up for me!
My blog is called hong kong adventure (as Im going there soon)
Anyway, great blog, it made me smile x Val wych, Cheshire, England.