Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ice Fishing

So last Thursday Brent calls me and the following conversation occured:

Phone rings

Me: hello
Brent: I kinda got a wild hair up my butt.
Me: ok
Brent: I want to go up to Iowa this weekend and go ice fishing.
Me: huh?
Brent: I was thinking about going up to Iowa and go ice fishing you know I've always wanted to do that. Do you think Colton would want to go?
Me: uhhhh no!
Brent: Well I don't want to drive that far by myself.
Me: ok

In my mind he isn't going but sometime after that call he has booked a flight to Kansas City and headed out after work Friday. A little weekend ice fishing trip turned into 4 1/2 days business trip.

The following pictures were taken by Brent. I told him to be sure and get a picture of the shanty and the only reason I knew it was called a shanty is because I've seen Grumpy Old Men.

Making the hole.

Getting the ice out. And I must give a little shout out to Brent for capturing all of the steps of getting ready to ice fish. But where is the shanty? For some reason it was to heavy to move.

This is Paul the pond donor. Funny how the pond donor always catches the most fish. (note to Paul ~ Brent made me put that, sorry)

Doug caught a nice size catfish.

And Brent caught a itty bitty teeny tiny bluegill perch.

There's the shanty & if you can't bring the shanty to you,

then go to the shanty & use it as a windbreak.

This is Tom & Jane. Brent wants to say thanks for a wonderful time.


Born2scrap said...

LOL great photos Brent! but did ya notice there were no women out there ice fishing? hmmm makes ya think huh...

so who's the smarter sex here?

hey next time Brent wants to go ice fishing have him drop ya off in Wichita chickie and we'll scrap!

Cindy said...

Looks like he survived the cold. Glad he let the big one get away. lol

Leeza898 said...

What an exciting trip. Awesome pics. i don't blame him for wanting to do this again. sounds fun. gotta show this to my hubby when he gets home. he'll be jealous for sure. he wanted to do this for a long time.