Monday, November 24, 2008

Are You Getting Ready Yet?

I have been lazy for the past 2 days. Last week working all day then until 8:30 at night caught up with me on Sunday. I took a nap Sunday morning then fell asleep again in the afternoon sometime and when I woke up it was dark outside. I hate it when I do that but I guess I needed the rest.

Brent did well with his knee surgery. He is getting around pretty good right now. He goes back to the Dr. next Tuesday to get the stitches out.

So back to my title; are you getting ready for Thanksgiving yet? I'm making my cornbread tomorrow for my dressing. I'm making it to take up North to Brent's parents. I'm so ready to eat Thanksgiving food. I need to make sure my stretchy pants are clean :). Brent's mom and I will get up Friday morning and hit the stores. It's a tradition. The men stay home to watch the kids and the women go out shopping. Usually there is more women going but one SIL is working and my other SIL isn't coming up this year. We'll probably just end up at the casino :)

I really wanted to get my Christmas stuff up yesterday but having slept most of the day it just didn't get done. Hopefully tomorrow after the boys go home I can get started. I bought Hannah a pink tree for her room so we will definitely get that up tomorrow. Can't wait to see how it looks. Wish I could find a cheap white boa to use as garland. I need to check the dollar store.

I still have one album project to get done by Christmas and I'm also working on recipe cards I'm stamping for Hannah's teacher. It shouldn't take very long if I will just sit down and work on them.

OU kicked some Texas Tech ass on Saturday. Brent recorded the game & is watching it I think for the 4th time. Each time I walk in and tell him they won :). And what I hate about this time of year is we have football and basketball going on at the same time.

So did this post make any sense? I have brain fog so forgive me.

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