Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Checking In

I really did good in October posting on my blog almost daily; not sure what has happened in November :). Life hasn't slowed down any and will be getting crazier next week as basketball starts. I'm helping my dad in the concession stand at the high school gym so that will be going on until February or March; I'm not sure and I'm afraid to look. At least I'll be in the same gym as Colton for his games. I need to Christmas shop but not sure when I'll find the time. I hate going on the weekends this time of year because it is so crowded. I'll probably take off one evening during the week and just do it.

Brent is having surgery on his knee next Friday. He has met his deductible so he is going on and getting it done. He has a torn menicus. So Thanksgiving break I will have a house full with a crippled husband and 4 kids. Please think of me :)

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