Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hannah's Turn

Hannah has been bugging Brent for a ride in the little boat. Finally she got to go yesterday.

She was so excited.

And off they go. Looks like Hannah has a death grip on that chair :)

She's still hanging on.

Ohhhh, this would be Brent's finger attached to a fishing hook. He was bass fishing last night and caught a catfish. While trying to get the hook out of the catfish, the other hook on the lure attacked Brent's finger. The good folks at our local hospital successfully removed the hook. And I was informed that our dog isn't like those TV dogs that goes for help when their owner is in distress :)

1 comment :

Leeza898 said...

OUUCCHH! That's a BIG hook. Glad Brent is ok. :)