Saturday, June 27, 2009

Posting from a mobile phone isn't fun

Our desktop computer is dead & so we haven't had internet. Brent brought the tower home so we would be able to use the laptop wireles. Got wireless working last night then lost it. So frustrating! At least I have Brent's phone & heaven forbid I find something else to do.

My mom is having health issues. A week after my grandma died, mom was in the hospital at that time thinking she had a bleeding ulcer. She had to get 5 units of blood before leaving hospital. During her stay her right side starting hurting but they let her go home. Not sure why more test weren't done. She followed up with her primary dr. & he thought she was having gallbladder issues. She had a scan & she did have tons of stones & also had a spot on her liver. Surgery was scheduled to remove her gallbladder & to biopsy her liver. It turned out to be cancer. My oldest sister knows a dr. who works at the Cancer Center of America in Tulsa & she was able to get mom in within days of finding out of her cancer. All testing is done. The cancer is contained in the liver. She starts chemo on Monday. It will be for 3 weeks & it is pills. Dr. told her he couldn't give her life expectancy but had patients that have been around for years. So that has been our life. Funny how life throws a curveball. We will get thru this

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Leeza898 said...

Stacy, so sorry to heaar about your mom. I will pray for her and your whole family to be strong for her. God Bless.