Monday, July 8, 2013

Tap Tap Tap....Is This Thing On?

We are still alive. I've left the blogging world just because, well, not really sure just life I guess. Colton graduated high school. He decided to go to East Central University located in Ada, OK and will move on August 17th. It's only an hour away, far enough not to come home all of the time but close enough that he can, hopefully. I'm excited for him. He is working at the school this summer with his PaPa. Hannah is 13 now and will be in the 8th grade. She is babysitting a couple of days a week for her aunt. It gives her some spending money and out of the house. She attended a science, technology, engineer and math academy at a nearby JuCo last month for a few days. She had a blast and made a new friend from Durant that was her roommate. Her name is Hannah too. She is still in karate and will hopefully be testing for her black belt soon. Brent is still working hard for the money. He is working on getting my garden ready for pumpkins and a few other things I can plant this late in the summer. He is putting horse panels up to enclose the garden to keep the deer out. They had a hay day last year eating everything in sight. We went to South Carolina a couple of weeks ago. We spent the first few days in Myrtle Beach and then a couple of days in Charleston. It was a fun trip and I want to go back to Charleston, when it's not hot. So that's a quick little update. My plan is to start blogging again. We shall see how that goes ;)

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