Monday, July 15, 2013

Vacation Day 4 - Charleston, SC part 1

We drove back to Charleston to spend a few days. We had time to kill before hotel check in so we planned on going to Fort Sumter.

I guess I slept through the part in school when they discussed Fort Sumter. I had no idea it was located in the middle of the harbor.

And USS Yorktown was docked where we got on the boat to go to Fort Sumter. We didn't tour the aircraft carrier but it was very impressive looking.

After Fort Sumter, we headed to our hotel located in historical downtown Charleston. I didn't realize, or just forgot, what all happened in Charleston. And we were smack dab in the middle of it.

Our room wasn't ready but they gave us our parking permit so we got parked and headed to Hyman's Seafood. We were just a block away and walked. We didn't even drive again while in Charleston until we had to go to airport. Lots of walking but everything was close.

Anywho, Brent had read one of the top ten things to do in Charleston was to eat at Hyman's. I didn't know how famous it was and on a Monday at 2:00, the place was packed. We sat at a table that Anthony Hopkins, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Phelps had sat. They had little name plates in the table.

That was Brent's flounder. I had shrimp and grits, wish I had a big plate of that right now. The hush puppies were the best we have ever eaten. Oh my, I'm drooling right now just thinking about it.

Next up, the ghost walk :)

Until next time ~ Stacy

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