Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vacation Day 3 - Myrtle Beach

Sunday morning we got up and headed to Broadway on the Beach. Before walking around we went to Wonderworks.

This was a hands on, scientific, why things work type of place. It was neat. And I played laser tag for the first time ever. That was fun even if I did get last place. First place? The youngest person in our family. Big brother said their was something wrong with his gun. Mmmmmmmkay!

The goal for this contraption was to pedal fast enough to get yourselves all the away around. They almost did. Hannah was having a hard time with the pedals.

After lunch, we walked around and headed back to the hotel so we could go to the beach. It was so hot.

I put my feet in and that was about it. I saw people catching sharks off the pier, I wasn't going in that water!!!

After the beach the kids decided try wanted to see a movie. There wasn't anything playing that Brent and I wanted to see so we so we dropped them off at the movies and we went for some Thai food. The place we wanted to try was closed so I found another place. It was old school Thai food run by a family from Thailand. It was yummy!!

After dinner we drove down Ocean Blvd. It was neat seeing the line of hotels on the water front. We picked up the kids and went back to our hotel. I wanted to go sit on the pier one last time before leaving. And we got to see the super moon shine over the Atlantic Ocean.

Until next time ~ Stacy

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